What Does Computer Maintenance Look Like?

If you use your computer often, it’s important to perform basic maintenance to ensure it performs at its best. In addition to contacting Priority 1 Computer for our basic computer services in Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale, routine maintenance prevents your computer from unexpected shutdowns, overheating, or sluggishness. If you do not regularly maintain your computer and you are not sure what it entails, keep reading. We share the most important tips to increase the longevity of your PC.

Perform Necessary Updates

Updates may be a nuisance, but it is important to update your operating system to prevent glitches. Most modern operating systems will notify you when it is time for an update, and you will have the option to update immediately or postpone for a later date. Do not postpone indefinitely. If you use Windows, Microsoft, you may go crazy over all the updates they roll out, but they are critical to the success of your computer.

Uninstall Inactive Programs

The longer you use your computer, the more programs you will need. While necessary, all this software can significantly slow down your computer by eating into its storage space. We recommend going through the programs you rarely use or do not use at all and start deleting them. Make sure to remove all the pre-installed programs that you do not use, as well. Most of the stuff the manufacturer will pre-install is generally useless. Don’t worry, if it turns out that you need these programs at a later date, you can always update them a second time.

Clear Browser Cache

The browser cache should be regularly cleared to prevent it from taking up too much disk space. Your computer stores information every time you go to a website and without deleting the cache data, this can lead to decreased web page performance. In addition to responding slowly, some websites may look strange because it was updated to a newer version since the last time you visited.

Stored cache data causes more problems than you may realize. This is why our team always asks clients to clear their cache when they come in for professional computer services.

Clearing the browser cache is also important for data security and privacy. In other words, it can protect your personal information from unauthorized access. Therefore, we recommend performing this function every two weeks.

Update Device Drivers

A device driver is software that tells the operating system and other software how to communicate with various components connected to it (hardware). It is important that your device drivers be updated regularly, which you can do manually or automatically. You can manually update them to the latest version by using the CD or DVD provided by the manufacturer. If you prefer that it be done automatically and you have Windows, Microsoft, have Windows update the recommended drivers and detailed information. If you have a Mac, select “Automatically keep my Mac up to date” under “software updates” for automatic system data files and security updates.

Use Current Anti-Virus Software

It is important to have your anti-virus software updated frequently to maintain top performance and security. We know, there are a lot of programs that need updating, which can get tiresome. Luckily, you can install high-quality anti-virus software on your computer and have all scans and updates be run automatically.

Clean Your Disk

Do you have several unorganized files taking up space in your computer’s hard drive? You may not be aware of all the junk files that eat up your space and slow down your PC, but it is important to remove them as soon as possible. If you don’t, it will slow down your computer and make it susceptible to viruses. So, if you cannot remember the last time that you performed a disk cleanup, now is the time to get it done and try to clean it regularly.

Visit Priority 1 Computer Services

The computer has quickly become a necessity for school and work. It is important that you take care of it, so it continues to run efficiently. If you are experiencing problems with your PC, try these maintenance tips. If the problem persists, our team can quickly diagnose and resolve the problem. We offer a hands-on approach to computer repair and other PC services with our on-site computer solutions. For professional computer services in Ft Lauderdale and Coral Springs, contact Priority 1 Computer Services. Call (954) 623-8400 to schedule an appointment.

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