What Are The Differences in Network Set-up And Which One Is Right For You?

The Internet is growing exponentially and becoming a place where everyone learns, connects, and conducts business. Currently, 4.66 billion people access the Internet, or 59.5% of the global population. The challenge is how you connect with the Internet to improve your access to information. 4.32 billion people, or 92.6% of Internet users, gain access via mobile devices, such as cell phones or tablets.

Those connecting at home or in the office use their computers or mobile devices to access networks and reduce the data usage on cellular plans. Network set-up is tricky, as you have different choices for how you want to access the Internet from these locations. Choosing the best one requires understanding the different options to determine which network is right for you.

The Wireless Option

The wireless option is a popular solution for working at home and inside the office. You purchase a wireless router that connects to different computers and mobile devices around the location. You create a local hot spot where access is available to anyone who has the user name and password.

The router takes the signal and distributes it around the location to give you access to the Internet. You can watch videos, share files, or surf the Internet without using cables that connect directly to each device. The network set-up entails connecting the wireless router with the signal coming in from your Internet provider.

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The Private Network

Using a private network, you can connect to different equipment through virtual circuits to create fast connections. We utilize software and security protocols to establish an area where you can access the network in your home or office. Every computer and mobile device connects to the network virtually and enters an Internet protocol address, a user name, and a unique password. You can watch videos, send emails, or go anywhere on the Internet with this solution.

At Priority 1 Computers, we can help you get your network running properly by handling all aspects of the process. You simply log in and can start using the Internet without worrying about what to do to make everything run smoothly. If you do have a problem, our team of network professionals can solve your issues quickly to get you up and running.

The Local Network

A local network is common for those who like to have greater security, speed, and access while working at home. Typically, these networks are ideal for someone with a home business or office and need increased connectivity. The main computer is the server that stores the data and runs the different software for hosting websites and applications. The installation process is complex, and you want to have a professional install these solutions with experience and expertise.

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The Personal Network

The personal network is where you create a connection using different wired links to your computers. Typically, a series of network outlets are linked to the telephone jack through an Ethernet cable running into each device. The cables transmit high-speed data, and you will have less downtime compared to wireless links. You can use this form of computer networking in your home or at the office to ensure a dedicated connection to your service provider.

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These are some of the network set-ups you have available in determining which one is right for you. Call Priority 1 Computers today at 954-623-8400 and see how we can help you with all of your technology needs. We are the number one computer services provider in South Florida and are ready to help you with your issues. We are on Sample Road, near the Country Club of Coral Springs and Barrington Road.

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