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A Top-Rated Website Design and SEO Company

Priority 1 Computers is a top-rated website design ompany, in South Florida. Our team takes care of all the technical aspects, so you can focus on what’s important – growing your business! We have expertise with WordPress Development, and some of the best on page SEO Services, to ensure that we build websites tailored specifically for our clients’ needs; from start up’s all the way to major corporations!

Our South Florida-based company helps with all aspects of developing an ongoing social media management and marketing solutions.

What Includes In Our Web Design Service

Website Design: Highly experienced Website Designers are a must for today’s standards. A web page must look presentable on any device, not just desktop computers or laptops with screens larger than 10″. Our responsive Web Designs combine flexible grids with designs to re-scale pictures and CSS media queries in order make it come out looking great no matter what type of phone/tablet you have.

Website Maintenance: Maintenance is just as important to a website’s success, if not more than content. Keeping your site clean helps you remain competitive with other businesses which in turn helps retain customers!


A Top-Quality Web Design Service

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