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If you are in need of a local and convenient computer repair shop with friendly expert staff, you need to know about Priority 1 Computers. We have been serving the Coral Springs and South Florida region for years and have established a reputation as a business known for quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Check out the verified reviews on our website to see why our customers trust us with their computer, networking, and electronics needs. Below are just a sample of the many services we offer.

Speed Up Your Slow Computer

Frustrated by lagging applications or frequent “crashes”? We can help. At Priority 1 Computers, our trained staff will identify and resolve issues that are slowing down your system. There are many reasons why a computer could be performing less than optimally. Whether the issue is outdated software, viruses, malware, or anything else, our friendly experts will help you diagnose issues without upselling or pressuring tactics. If your operating system, such as Windows or Mac OS X, is out of date or damaged, our credentialed staff will help back up your documents and reinstall the operating system. If vital computer files such as drivers are out of date, we can install or update this software to get your computer running like new. We understand how disruptions to your work or studies can be frustrating, and we will ensure getting your computer running at an optimal speed our top priority.

Remove & Prevent Against Viruses and Malware

As computer systems become more advanced, so does the malicious software meant to infect them. This type of software can be inadvertently downloaded through a variety of means. You may have clicked on a suspicious link in an email, or downloaded software from a compromised website. Known by many names, software like viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware can have devastating impacts on your computer and your important documents. Our team at Priority 1 Computers can help identify and remove viruses and malware. We also offer preventative measures such as antivirus software to protect your computer from future incidents.

Data Recovery

Have you ever searched for a file only to discover it missing in action? Accidental file deletions or software issues can lead to lost work, meaning lost time and effort. At Priority 1 Computers, we are committed to using our arsenal of expertise and tools to restore your lost files. In many cases, files that are accidentally or unintentionally deleted can be restored through a process called data recovery. If there is damage to the computer hardware, in many cases, our team can efficiently extract files from the damaged system and transfer them to a new storage medium. Since each situation is unique, speak with one of our service technicians to learn which options for data recovery make sense for your needs.

Ink & Toner

Even in the digital age, we still rely on paper materials for everyday work and personal functions. Printers have become a home and business staple, but they can be expensive to repair, maintain, and keep stocked with ink or toner. Fortunately, the experts at Priority 1 Computers know about printer ink and toner and can help you select the highest quality, budget-friendly options for your needs. We take into account your specific print volume and needs when offering advice or recommendations.

Are you Ready to Learn more?

Priority 1 Computers will be there for you when your computer, printer, or other device is not performing as expected. Our clients are always our #1 priority and when your computer is on the fritz we know how to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently. We understand that you need to get back to the business of making a living or completing your virtual schooling.  We are open until midnight every day! We offer professional software repair, hardware repair, virus cleanup, and protection, plus the updating and optimizing of your computer system.  If you are in need of expert computer repair services, give us a call at (954) 623-8400 or visit our website at Our team of friendly and credentialed computer experts will have you up and running in no time!

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