The Importance of Computer Repairs

Most people are fed up with the constant flood of adverts and marketing they receive every day. Many of us have become immune to marketing efforts like emails, billboards, ads, and social media marketing. However, we may not realize the actual impact it has on consumer behavior.

Years of excessive marketing have conditioned the majority of people to desire the “latest and greatest” electronic mobile devices, gadgets, appliances, and computers. Every year manufacturers come out with upgraded products that quickly become all the rage.

Simply looking at computers, we can see that upgraded processors, graphics cards, monitors, and feature-packed peripherals boast greater processing power than the latest features almost every year.

As providers of professional computer services, Priority 1 Computers recognizes these things and suggests that instead of giving in to the hype, maintaining your old computer is an eco-friendly and cost-effective practice.

You should genuinely consider the implications before you throw your old computer or device out for a brand new one. This is why we have come up with the importance of computer repairs for you to look over before you opt for a new computer.

The Importance of Computer Repairs

Here are the things that highlight the importance of computer repairs and why you should consider them before buying a new computer.

  • Hardware Modularity and Reparability of Desktop Computers

It is no secret that computers have reached the physical limit for enhancements on Moore’s Law. This means we can no longer improve on existing transistors. Modern computer processors can no longer decrease the size or increase the performance of cores.

Instead, they use a higher number of cores in their construction. The problem is that this produces diminishing results, mostly because we have not yet fully realized the added benefits of multiple cores by the programming and threading on most types of software.

Simply put, computers processors as old as ten years can easily perform the basic functions most people require today. Things like document work, streaming high-quality videos, and comprehensive online communications can all be performed by older computers easily.

However, professionals who require more intense and specific functions like gaming or graphics rendering may require more updated hardware for increased performance, speed, graphics.

Regardless, investing in a modular desktop computer and using professional computer services to repair basic hardware parts as they fail can allow everyone to get the most value out of their hardware. This means they can get more use and value out of their older hardware and computer.

  • Greater Costs of Newer Products

Similar to a new home or the latest car, there is almost always a significant markup on brand new electronic devices. However, this can also be avoided if you utilize computer repairs from professional computer services like Priority 1 Computers.

It can increase the lifespan of the existing hardware you currently own and use. Moreover, the quick product cycles of most electronic devices mean that the latest tech products may include problems or bugs that cost even more to repair.

This is often seen with some latest mobile devices because the smartphone market has a very fast product cycle, where manufacturers are constantly churning new devices each year. Such potential risks of newer products and devices mean that professional computer repairs are still the most valuable and cost-effective option, especially when it comes to bugs in the latest tech.

  • Environmental Impact of New Tech and Electronic Waste

A few years back, Sweden became the first country to slash taxes for professional computer services and repair companies that fix existing electronic devices. This happened because they recognized and realized the huge impact that electronic waste has on our environment.

The specific metals and chemicals used to develop most of the latest tech products and their components need to be disposed of properly. Disposal of electronic waste has to be cautious and often specialized, which is mostly overlooked by the majority of manufacturers and consumers.

Poor disposal can result in things like toxic groundwater and other environmental hazards that can potentially cause severe health problems for our communities. This is another reason why we shouldn’t unnecessarily upgrade to the latest tech as it comes to market, simply because we desire it.


We hope the mentioned things helped highlight the importance of computer repairs and why you should always practice deep consideration before opting for a new computer or device. Ask yourself questions like, “Do I need this new tech?” “Will it truly add value to my life?” and

“Can I use professional computer services to upgrade or repair my hardware and get more value and use out of my existing device?” It is important to think about the implications and personal costs before you move to a newer device. More importantly, you should always recycle or dispose of old hardware with care.

If you want to learn more about the importance of computer repairs, or if you require the best professional computer services from Priority 1 Computers, please visit our website today.

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