Should You Repair A Broken Laptop Screen?

Many people ask our computer technicians whether fixing a broken laptop screen is part of our computer services. We do a lot of repairs in our Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale offices and repairing a broken laptop screen is certainly one of the repairs our professionals are equipped to handle. Another question we may get is if it’s worth the investment. As an honest computer repair shop, we decided to create an informative article on whether to fix your broken laptop screen.

Parts Are Hard To Locate

Unfortunately, if you break your laptop screen, the manufacturer will not sell an original screen for a replacement. They don’t want you to repair the equipment, they want you to spend more money and buy a brand-new laptop. It’s unfair and laws are currently in place in an attempt to change things.

Until that time comes, the most common way to find a screen online is to buy it used. In some cases, buying used will yield subpar results. Because we believe in getting it right the first time, our technicians prefer working with high-quality products to deliver superior results. Our service and reputation mean a lot to us because it means a lot to our customers. Therefore, if the part cannot be found in quality condition, we will give you an honest answer as to why the repair should not be done. We pride ourselves on securing top computer supplies, so there is a possibility that we’ll find what you’re looking for – and in good condition. However, if we don’t already have it in-store, we cannot make guarantees.

In the end, if you give us the green light to repair your laptop with a used screen, then, of course, we’ll do it even if we don’t advise it.

Are There More Serious Damages?

If you dropped your laptop and the screen broke, there is a strong possibility that there are more damages than meets the eye. All you may see is a cracked screen, but it’s likely that we’ll see more once we have performed a deeper inspection. In many instances, if the drop was hard enough to crack the screen, there are additional components within the laptop that were cracked, as well. For example, when we are presented with a cracked screen, what we also come across are damaged hard drives. As you know, this is a crucial component of any laptop.

So, as you can see, even if repairing the crack is easy an easy fix, you will still be charged for all the other components that need to be fixed, as well. This can end up being costly. When you bring your laptop into Priority One Computer Services, our computer techs will diagnose the issue and provide an honest overview of the situation. If there are no additional problems, we will do our best to secure a high-quality screen, get it repaired and have your laptop returned to you in no time.

How Old Is Your Laptop?

If your laptop is three years or older, we don’t recommend spending the money on a computer repair. Third-year laptops typically fall apart quickly, and you may end up deciding that it’s time to get a new laptop. If your laptop is two years old or younger, our computer technicians will look it over and make an assessment. In general, you should not pay more than 50 percent of what it costs to replace the laptop or more than 25 percent of what the laptop originally cost. Therefore, if you bought your laptop for $550 and the cost to repair the screen is $137.50 or greater, then we would recommend purchasing a new laptop.

If you have had your laptop for less than one year and your warranty is void or you don’t want to pay the substantial fee to have it replaced, then our team will do whatever they can to secure a quality screen and get the laptop repaired and returned to you.

Visit Priority One Computer Repairs

Now that you know the situation with cracked screens, you can make the final decision. To learn more about our computer services in Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs, contact us today, Call (888) 534-4185 to speak with a professional team member.

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