How Can Data Recovery Make Your Life Easier?

Just imagine working on a project, and you lose critical parts of your data when you need the information the most. Problems like this are becoming more common as information is stored and retrieved from numerous sources.

Nearly 80% of corporations are vulnerable to loosing data and do not use protocols that protect their information.  Issues such as identity thefts rose dramatically in 2020 and continue to plague consumers who lose information.

Lost data adds to the stress in your life, and knowing how to effectively recover your data are the keys to simplifying everything.

The Ways You Can Loose Data

The loss of data happens in numerous ways, and you should be aware of what the problem looks like and how can you lose information. The main causes of data loss include

  • Cyber attacks
  • The user making mistakes
  • The destruction of data
  • Theft
  • Software corruption
  • Destruction of r equipment

All of these avenues cause stress from trying to recover lost data and regret from not taking proactive actions to protect your information.

Sophisticated Software

Data recovery uses procedures that will go back and restore the information that was lost on your computer, drives, hardware, and mobile devices.

Special software using heuristic and deterministic algorithms scan your devices, drives, and hardware for lost or deleted files. The software goes in and tries to recover as much of the data as possible.

The odds of a successful recovery are determined by the file system and the device you are using when the data was lost.

For example, if you are using Windows, most data can be restored in the NTFS file system. NTFS does not fully delete the files until new data supersedes the information, providing you stop using the device when you lose the data.  On Apple devices, an ApFS system works off a copy overwrite system that stores each piece of information you are copying. No changes are applied unless you save the information first to change the configuration of the data.

Data recovery simplifies your life by getting back the information you thought you lost using our special software.

Priority 1 Computers offers timely ways to recover your data by calling or walking into our location with South Florida’s number one computer service.

You Work with Professionals

The loss of data is always a stressful event and you need a reliable partner that makes the process easy.  Let’s face it, we all worry about hiring a company to do the data recovery and they hire some kids to perform the work. These individuals are lacking professionalism and they might not have the experience to fully recover your data.

Working with us ensures that an experienced professional performs the recovery using their knowledge and expertise. You will recover more of your data fully and have the best, making sure the job is done right.

At Priority 1 Computers, we work with numerous companies and individuals across South Florida to help them recover their data. We have five stars for satisfaction using a verified rating system from past customers through Google and Home Advisor.


Anytime you lose data, you must quickly recover the information and prevent the loss from becoming worse. The key for successfully recovering the data requires moving fast and thoroughly searching all of the systems for the information. You are not left waiting and wondering what happens with this approach and will have answers about your status in a timely fashion.

At Priority 1 Computers, we can look at your system and determine what is happening within two to five hours. You never have to continually call us for status updates, as we work fast to retrieve your information. Our approach reduces stress and helps you to locate your lost data quickly.

Data recovery makes your life easier by knowing that there are ways of finding the information when everything seems lost. Call Priority 1 Computers today at 954-623-8400 and see why we are rated South Florida’s number one technology company.

We can pick up your device or hardware from your home or office and have everything back to you within 24 hours. We are on West Sample Road across the street from the Sicilian Oven and Wendy’s in Coral Springs.

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