Generators in South Florida


With the holidays right around the corner, your business can’t afford any mishaps during this time of year. What happens if your business suffers a long-term power outage? Is your business prepared for the worst-case scenario? Pantropic Power is South Florida’s Authorized Caterpillar™ Power System Solutions Provider and is ready to power your business this holiday season. Pantropic Power has a full inventory of diesel, gas, and rental generators specifically designed for commercial use to help your business in any electrical emergency.

One of the top reasons more and more businesses are choosing Pantropic Power as their generator retailer is to minimize business downtime. If your business relies on refrigerators, lights, and other electrical appliances, a generator can save your business time and money by having a generator when disaster strikes. Living in South Florida, storms are more of a normal occurrence. But what happens when a storm cuts off your electricity? By having a generator on standby, your business can continue to run smoothly no matter how long the storm inconveniences you. For all your generator needs, Pantropic Power is your one call, one source, and one solution for power outages.

Industrial Engines

Pantropic Power is not only home to Caterpillar™ generators, but also home to Caterpillar™ Industrial and Marine engines. For your industrial needs, Pantropic Power offers diesel, natural gas, and propane Caterpillar™ engines. Pantropic Power is South Florida’s only Authorized Caterpillar™ Power System Dealer that features an in-house engineering department and system design team! Our engineering department and system design team can customize pump packages for flood control, oil storage facilities, or municipal water and sewage applications.

Marine Engines

For your marine needs, Pantropic Power has the engines and generators to power your vessel. Boats and yachts are a strong part of Miami culture and you need the strength of Caterpillar™ engines to power your vessel in South Florida’s waters. With a Caterpillar™ engine from Pantropic Power, you’ll have the safety and security that your boat or yacht has the best marine engine on the market. Also, Pantropic Power will be able to conduct routine engine checks for your Caterpillar™ engine to ensure your boat or yacht stays in pristine condition for years and years to come.

Whether you’re interested in an industrial or marine engine, or in the market for a generator for your place of business, Pantropic Power is your one-stop for your power needs. Pantropic Power is the only authorized Caterpillar™ Power Systems Dealer for South Florida. Pantropic Power has been serving the South Florida community since 1986 and we’re ready to serve you today! Contact us today by calling (305) 592-4944 or visit our website at

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