Five Reasons to Take Your Computer to a Repair Shop

In this modern digital age, there’s few questions a quick Google search can’t answer. From learning how to make a meal to impress your date to learning about the history of your family’s ancestral home, Google has brought boundless knowledge to our finger tips. However, as all-knowing as Google may seem, the human factor still limits its abilities. For the less tech savvy, running onto computer issues is a nightmare. Even if you can Google the solution from your smart phone or tablet, taking the risk of trying to fix it yourself can make the problem so much worse. Instead, it’s probably a better idea to take your computer to someone who specializes in computer repair in Fort Lauderdale—especially if you’re dealing with one of these five issues.

Internet Connectivity Issues

One visit to any computer forum will tell you that connectivity issues can be caused by a thousand minute things. Trying to pinpoint the cause of your troubles could wind up making the problem worse, up to and including ruining your device. Instead of trusting a forum full of strangers trying to guide each other in the dark, let the experts at Priority 1 Computers get to the root of the problem. Whether it’s a hardware or software issue, we can get your computer back in working order quickly and at your convenience.

Hardware Issues

A cracked screen, broken touch pad mouse, fried hard drive or missing keys shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars. Before you replace your computer or tablet, bring it to Priority 1 Computers for a repair! We keep a variety of spare parts on hand to make repairs fast and easy. If we have to special order your pieces, we will keep you updated on progress and get your device back to you as soon as possible. As always, our repairs are guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry.

Software Installation and Firewall Setup

For those who aren’t very tech savvy, making sure your computer is optimized for use and protected against malware is important. Don’t leave your data vulnerable to hackers, ransom ware, or data breeches. Beyond computer repair in Fort Lauderdale, Priority 1 Computers also offers maintenance services such as software installation and firewall setup. We can walk you through the process so you can make an informed decision for your online safety.

Hard Drive Clean Up

Has your computer been acting sluggish lately? Is it taking longer to load websites, download or upload files, or run certain programs? More often than not, that means it’s time to clean up your hard drive. While that may seem simple enough, be careful what you uninstall or delete: certain files may be vital to your computer operating system. Avoid the need for computer repair in Fort Lauderdale by letting the pros at Priority 1 Computers handle cleaning up your storage.

Hard Drive Back Up

On the other hand, if you have important files stored on your personal or work computer, having it backed up on an external hard drive or cloud storage system can prevent serious issues down the road. From tax records and receipts to old, priceless family photos, ensuring it’s all safe and secure can give you peace of mind. With regular hard drive backups, you know your most important documents are safe no matter what happens to your computer.

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