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Priority 1 Computers is a company that solves various computer problems for South Floridians from Pembroke Pines to Fort Lauderdale to Coral Springs and throughout Broward County. We are rated 5.0 on Google Reviews and certified by different computer professional organizations such as Microsoft Certified Professional, CISCO Certified CCENT Network, CISCO Partner, ORACLE Certified Associate, Certified PRO, DCP D-LINK Certified Professional. Therefore, you can assure that we have expert technicians that will handle each project skillfully. In addition, we have the right equipment and techniques to finish each task. Priority 1 Computers provides reliable computer repair services are a range of Advance Tech Support consultation services, such repairing and upgrade of laptops and desktop computers. The services aimed at home users and businesses are not just affordable, but of very high quality performed by senior level technicians.

The service fee varies depending on the amount of problems or issues we are going to fix in your computer. However, most of our customers only pay our featured set up fee and the monthly service agreement.

Of course, along with our computer repair services, we also have data recovery services that will ensure your files are safe. And, we have expert technicians that can retrieved saved files and enhance the performance of your computers.

It depends on the number of problems diagnosed in your computer. Usually, repairs take 2 to 5 hours. But we do our best to finish the job as soon as possible so that you can go back with your job or daily routines using a better unit.

Yes, but it will be waived if we service your computer.

No, Priority 1 Computers has skilled and knowledgeable technicians that can accommodate any type and brand of computer.

When looking to get your computer fixed, irrespective of the problem at hand, you can opt for an online or local computer repair shop, if the problem is beyond your technical computer repair knowledge. However, if you still have your machine’s warranty, you can take advantage of it for free repairs.

Software and hardware problems, such as internet issues, can prevent remote computer repair technicians from accessing your computer, making a local computer repair shop a viable choice to solving your PC issues. Some serious software and hardware problems can include problems connecting to the internet, failure of Windows to load (like blue screen and issues with logging in) and computer powering problems (like blank screen), among others.

Unlike the services offered by local computer repair shops, Priority 1 Computers Advance Technical Support offer a fast turnaround time for their repair services. Working with an online repair shop eliminates the time needed to unplug a PC, wait for it to be picked by a technician either from your office or home, and the need to work only within the normal business hours, since their services are available 24/7. If we can fix your specific PC issue, we do it very fast.

A reliable computer repair service reduces the costs and time needed to fix your PC if your connection to the internet is very fast and reliable. Otherwise, consider getting your computer fixed at the local computer repair shop.

Priority 1 Computers  online repair services of computers is perfect for you if you need the issue to be fixed fast and accordingly. However, if you prefer to see how the job is done and the people you are dealing with to assess the quality of work being done, local repairs are your best bet.

Software and hardware repair and upgrades can be performed on both your laptops and desktops. Whether your PC experiences slow start-ups, unexpected restarts or freezing, reliable computer repair services are your perfect choice. Other computer problems that can be fixed on your laptop or desktop include graphic cards, CD/DVD drive, power supply, blue screen (BSOD), Hard Drive, RAM, motherboard and sound card upgrades and problems.

Irrespective of your laptop brand, you can get it repaired. Some of the common brands include Packard Bell, Dell, Acer, Asus, Compaq, Fujitsu, HP and Sony, among others. Some of the common laptop problems that you can get fixed on your PC include damaged keyboards, broken screens, inverter repairs (when the screen gets very dark), and DC power socket issues call Priority 1 Computers.

With the ever increasing advancement in technology, malicious programs are created every single day. These are harmful programs that can cause your computer to stop working. Unfortunately, there is no single software that can act as a solution for finding and removing all malicious programs installed on your system. Therefore, in order to remove viruses, malware, adware and spyware from your computer, reliable computer repair services make use of a number of utilities to scan your system and remove the specific programs. The utilities used ensure that only the malicious program is removed without wiping your computer and rendering it non-functional. When the malicious programs change your operating system files, Windows is damaged. In this case, the OS cannot be repaired, hence a new installation of another Windows must take place. However, you must be contacted first to ensure that data recovery is possible after the computer repair service. Your important data is backed up before the repair services can be initiated.

Have you ever experienced a slow start up, messages popping up unexpectedly, or even your computer displaying a message telling you that you are running low on your HDD’s (Hard Disk Drive) available space? Does your computer freeze when you try to shut it down? These are signs that your laptop or desktop is in need of a health check up or service. It needs a reliable computer repair service.

Yes. The essence of backing up your data cannot be overlooked. Disasters can strike at anytime and day. When that happens, you risk losing the data that is critical to the operation of your business. Data backup services ensure that data recovery after a disaster or system failure is possible. When Windows fail, you can also lose access to important data. With reliable computer repair services, you can easily retrieve and restore data from the failed system without much hassle. For instance, photo recovery services can help you recover data previously stored in DVD’s, hard drives, USB pen drives, camera cards, CD’s and even floppy and flash disks.  Secure services for deleting data from computers can help you get rid of your personal files before selling your laptop or desktop, or even donating it to a friend or for charity. The service gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your personal information is not in the hands of a second or third party using your machine. It takes more than just deleting files to completely eliminate them from a computer system. Moreover, you can easily recover the deleted data through a data recovery service or package, in case you need access to certain information already removed from your computer.

Our reliable Advance Tech Support consultants can also help you with your internet and network issues. Whether you experience random disconnection from the internet, issues with your ISP, slow speeds accessing the internet or any other network related issues, a computer repair service is your best bet. With WLAN (Wireless Local Area Networks), you are not just able to connect various devices to the internet, but able to do so on the move, from anywhere. However, network and internet services can fail to work as anticipated. This is where the need for a senior level technician comes in.

Donna G.Quick Service
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"It is so nice to have real people that are available 24/7 when you have a problem. Friendly, knowledgeable and able to quickly get things up and running again. And you don't have to pack the computer up and drive somewhere and leave it forever."
Neva J.Available 24/7
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"Priority 1 has corrected every problem I have contacted them about. And they spend as much time (sometimes hours) as necessary to do so. It is a big convenience to have them available 24/7. They are courteous, friendly, and extremely helpful. I love having them to rely on."
Zack R.So Impressed
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"I run a small business and its important to stay connected to my customers. Priority 1 Computers managed services keep me up and running and fix my issues even before I am aware there is a problem. I am so impressed with the level of service they provide."
Eric F.Awesome Job
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"I want to thank Rick. He did an awesome job finding the issue with my computer! He kept me informed every step of the way. He diagnosed it quickly, found a replacement part (which was not easy due to shortages), and returned to my house and set it up. I will use them next time I have an issue with my computer. Thanks Rick!"
Joseph H.Six Stars
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"Talk about going to the extra mile! Wish I could give them six stars. Rick is the man, he truly treats his work as an art and is the master of it. Priority clearly puts its customers above everything else. After my experience with Rick, I will be definitely be going back Priority for all of my computer service needs."
Ayako M.Helpful, Friendly & Nice
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"They are the most helpful friendly, and nice geeks I got to know. I don't have to stay up with computer when they are working on my computer. It's so nice to have them as my computer techs. I could ask them any time day or night, they are there to help me. They provide best service anybody could ask and get the job done! Thanks Priority 1."
Irene B.First Rate Company
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"This company is professional, efficient, expedient, and most proficient. It is the best service I have ever experienced for my computer. First rate company and very trustworthy. I have never had to wait when calling them with a question or for their assistance. They have gone above and beyond!"
James B.No Wait Time
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"I own Bertrand Bonding and I have 6 computers with Priority 1 Computers. They always get the job done right the first time. I recently called to have them optimize all of my computers and within a day they had it done. There is never any wait time and the senior level techs are very good at what they do! Consumer or Business I would recommend Priority 1 Computers to anyone!"

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