Everything You want to Know about Ink and Toner to Get the Best Solutions

Most people think that ink and toner are the same and are interchangeable in printing. Every year 300 million ink and 70 million toner cartridges are purchased by Americans.

However, what they don’t know is that there are differences between the two. Knowing these differences is critical for ensuring you buy the right one for your printer. We look at both to highlight the uses and which one is best for your printing needs.

The Differences

An ink cartridge is used on inkjet printers by squirting droplets of liquid ink on the paper. These create the words and images that you see as the document is printing out line by line. The cartridge contains a tube of liquid ink that goes directly onto the page.

The biggest advantages of ink cartridges are you will have lower upfront costs. You pay a fraction of what you would for ink toners.

The primary drawbacks are the ink can dry out, clog, run out more frequently, and you are paying a higher cost per page.

A toner is used on a laser printer to etch the words and images onto the paper. The cartridge contains a fine powder that connects with a rolling drum to place everything on the paper. A rolling drug fuses with the powder by heating it up and pressure rolls the ink onto the document.

The page is warm when you pull it out of the printer immediately after this process.

The most significant advantages are you will have a longer useful life of the toner and lower costs per page.

The major drawbacks are you pay more upfront for the ink toner when you need to change it out.

The choices will vary among what you can afford and the kind of printer you are using when choosing between ink and toner.

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Typically, ink toner lasts longer versus cartridges from the fine powder that remains dry until it heats up.  You don’t have as many problems with toner and the ink goes on more evenly without any issues.

For example, if you are using an ink cartridge there is always that possibility the heads could become clogged or dry out. These risks increase the longer the inkjet printer sits and is not in use (such as for several weeks).

Those owners of inkjet printers are surprised when they are ready to start printing and nothing comes out. Many times they must go to the computer store, online, or big-box retailer in search of a replacement cartridge.

We recommend using a laser printer and toner to give you the best long-term value for your money. You will always have a printer that is ready to deliver you the results and not worry about finding replacement toner as often.

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The Costs

The most significant differences between ink toner and cartridges are the short versus long term costs. You will pay much less for an ink cartridge upfront than you will for toner. However, the cartridges will require constant replacement and you will have higher costs over time.

The toner is more expensive, but you don’t have to worry about it going out when you are in the middle of printing. You will pay less over the long term for toner and have a solution that lasts. The biggest drawback is the upfront costs in replacing the ink toner when it is running low or goes out.

We recommend the ink toner, as you will have more reliability and better value for your money. You will not have to change out the toner as much and spend less, but get more documents out of your printer.

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Go with the Best

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