Don’t Lose Your Data to Viruses and Malware

Here, at Priority 1 Computer, we are proud to provide a full range of services for your devices, including data recovery. We are your local and South Florida’s regional experts for computer services for residents and small businesses. To us, data recovery is as much an art as a science. We can customize secure storage systems for your records, pictures, and data, but if worse comes to worst, we can dive into the hardware to recover your lost data. Data recovery for Boca Raton and the greater Fort Lauderdale area is a phone call away, seven days a week.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is a salvage process when data is lost to the computer user. Data loss can be due to physical damage to a storage component or damage to the logical structure of a storage device. It can be due to deletion, inaccessibility, formatting issues, loss or damaged storage hardware. Also, viruses and malware may cause data loss.

Disk drives and solid-state drives can fail without warning. These failures may be due to corruption of the operating system’s ability to mount the drive. If the drive is corrupted, physical recovery needs to be done in the shop. Flash drives, CDs, and DVDs can be more problematic, but the data is usually easily recovered.

The Data Remains

Your operating system (OS) is often at fault or could be infected with malware viruses. One vital function of an OS is to mount storage devices so that the operator can move, delete, move, edit and save data. Deleting data “turns off” the stored information, and if the data was not overwritten, recovery is possible.

No matter the storage device, data remains. The OS can be bypassed by booting a clean OS. If the problem is the OS, the data can be recovered, and the computer can be repaired or replaced with the copied data. The data remains when a storage device is corrupted, but the hardware must be accessed in a lab setting.

Forensic Computer Experts

We are ready to take on any data recovery scenario. There are many ways to make recoveries of information and data. We have outlined the basics, but we do more. When we tackle the most challenging recoveries, we do it with a wealth of experience backed with an onsite knowledge base. We are your local and regional experts, from corrupted files to hardware failures and from encryption problems to user errors.

Priority 1 Computer Services for Data Recovery Services

Our service shop for Boca Raton and the greater Fort Lauderdale area is your computer shop. We are your one-stop shop for data recovery services from malware or viruses, a corrupted OS, or hardware damage. As the best data recovery service in South Florida, rest assured we have the expertise to get you back to work.

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