Checklist of Computer Network Essentials to Ensure Your Network is Running Smoothly

If you are running a growing business, the quality of your IT systems and computer network plays a big role in your business’ success and efficiency. A successfully set up computer network is cost-effective, gives your company more flexibility, helps you use a centralized database, secures all of your information, and much more.

To ensure that your business computer network is running smoothly, you need to get a few network essentials in order. Here is a checklist of everything you need for the best network system:

-Ensure All Network Devices Are Secure

You should have an inventor of all of the devices part of your computer network system. This includes servers, routers, firewalls, distribution switches, desktops, mobile devices, and any other devices used to keep your network working. Once you have such an inventory, ensure that all of these devices are secure.

You can keep your devices secure by first only purchasing them from authorized resellers, downloading software from verified sources, and regulating physical access to switches and routers, amongst other things.

-Have Up-To-Date Anti-Malware Software

Malware protection is absolutely essential for the smooth running of your computer network. Malware usually spreads through phishing emails, malicious websites, or malicious online advertising. Your network devices need to be updated with the latest anti-malware software. The software should also be set to automatically scan all of your files and any web pages that are visited to block malicious content and regularly carry out scans of your devices.

-Keep Track of All Users and Devices

You should know where every device on your network is plugged in and the devices that are used the most. Each individual on your computer network should have a unique user account and username. User and admin accounts should be kept separate, with special monitoring for admin accounts.

-Monitor System Backups

Network monitoring and backing up network data are essential to keep things running smoothly and keep all of your business data secure. System backups should be done regularly, preferably outside of working hours, so as not to disturb employees while they work.

-Upgrade Your Network’s Software and Firmware

As technology advances and newer software is released, you may run into the problem of having the latest software that is not compatible with your firmware. Newer programs can sometimes have different requirements or be too heavy to run efficiently and correctly on old machines. The problem can also present itself the other way around, where you may invest in new machinery that does not support your old software programs.

To avoid such problems from occurring, it is important to upgrade your network software and firmware together or in a way that upgrading just the one will still be compatible with the older version of the other.

-Educate Your Employees on Proper Network User Behavior

Your employees may play a big role in the smooth running of your computer network. You should adequately educate them on network user behavior. This includes using the correct user accounts, being aware of cyber threats like malware and other cybersecurity risks, only using network computers for work-related practices, backing up their data, and so on.

As your business grows and you expand your computer network system, you can come across many issues such as misplaced information, employees using the wrong accounts, system backup failures, malware infections, and more. To avoid these problems and ensure that your computer network runs smoothly, follow the checklist that we have provided for you.

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