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  • computer repair near me

    Talk about going to the extra mile! Wish I could give them six stars. Rick is the man, he truly treats his work as an art and is the master of it. Priority clearly puts its customers above everything else. After my experience with Rick, I will be definitely be going back Priority for all of my computer service needs.

    Joseph H.
  • computer repair near me

    I want to thank Rick. He did an awesome job finding the issue with my computer! He kept me informed every step of the way. He diagnosed it quickly, found a replacement part (which was not easy due to shortages), and returned to my house and set it up. I will use them next time I have an issue with my computer. Thanks Rick!

    Eric F.
  • computer repair near me

    This company is professional, efficient, expedient, and most proficient. It is the best service I have ever experienced for my computer. First rate company and very trustworthy. I have never had to wait when calling them with a question or for their assistance. They have gone above and beyond!

    Irene B.
  • computer repair near me

    I own Bertrand Bonding and I have 6 computers with Priority 1 Computers. They always get the job done right the first time. I recently called to have them optimize all of my computers and within a day they had it done. There is never any wait time and the senior level techs are very good at what they do! Consumer or Business I would recommend Priority 1 Computers to anyone!

    James B.
  • computer repair near me

    They are the most helpful friendly, and nice geeks I got to know. I don't have to stay up with computer when they are working on my computer. It's so nice to have them as my computer techs. I could ask them any time day or night, they are there to help me. They provide best service anybody could ask and get the job done! Thanks Priority 1.

    Ayako M.
  • computer repair near me

    I run a small business and its important to stay connected to my customers. Priority 1 Computers managed services keep me up and running and fix my issues even before I am aware there is a problem. I am so impressed with the level of service they provide.

    Zack R.
  • computer repair near me

    Priority 1 has corrected every problem I have contacted them about. And they spend as much time (sometimes hours) as necessary to do so. It is a big convenience to have them available 24/7. They are courteous, friendly, and extremely helpful. I love having them to rely on.

    Neva J.
  • computer repair near me

    It is so nice to have real people that are available 24/7 when you have a problem. Friendly, knowledgeable and able to quickly get things up and running again. And you don't have to pack the computer up and drive somewhere and leave it forever.

    Donna G.
  • computer repair near me

    This is the best tech service I have ever encountered! They got my computer running better than brand new!!! They are very reliable and so honest I was amazed! I have used them over 6 times and they have resolved every issue. Including recommending and installing RoboForm, Acronis Cloud that backs up my Windows, All my programs and my data... Great guys! Great service! I highly recommend them!

    Phillip N.
  • computer repair near me

    rick help me to set up my new computer even when was out of the country !!! he worked hard to transfer all my data and programs.

    Jeanette M.
  • computer repair near me

    When the CryptoWall Virus threatened to shut down one of my computers in the middle of a deadline, I found Priority 1 Computers on a frantic google search at 5 o'clock in the morning. I called the number and someone actually answered the phone! A real live person!

    Rick provided me with an immediate solution and there I was continuing my work (on a back-up computer) while a technician began work remotely on my very sick computer. I live in Rhode Island and Priority 1 is based in Florida. Not an issue for me. It worked. Worked better actually. I didn't have to leave my office.

    I was able to speak directly with one of their technicians, Kristian, who worked on restoring my computer. The virus had caused extensive damage. Kristian worked his technological magic and I could monitor the progress if I understood it! I don't. I even checked in with him the other night at 7:30pm. They really are available 24/7.

    I can't thank Priority 1 Computers enough. You really saved me a lot of time, trouble and money. I highly recommend them to anyone, anywhere. The remote service is unbelievable. My best to you all, Rick and Kristian, and staff.

    Marilyn B.
  • computer repair near me

    Very pleasant and professional team! They know their stuff and are very efficient. My line of work is computer based and its great to know I can run to this trustworthy team for immediate help with any issue.

    Renee C.
  • computer repair near me

    My experience with P1C has been excellent. The tech is very courteous, extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to work with, has never let me down. I would highly recommend Priority1Computers to anyone.

    William M.


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