4 Reasons Why You Need Data Recovery Solutions

Data recovery refers to the process of retrieving lost data. If you’ve ever been a victim of unexpected data loss, then you know how scary this can be. Not only are all of your most important documents seemingly gone forever, but as are your family photos, memories, notes, and so much more. Some individuals even store passwords on their computers, leaving them vulnerable when that information is no longer accessible. Fortunately, there are options out there. Data recovery isn’t a specialty of all computer or technology companies, but at Priority 1 Computers, we’re here to help. Keep reading to see what types of data losses we can help with!

The Facts About Data Recovery Solutions 

Before we dive into recovering your lost files, we first want to shed some light on some data recovery statistics. For example, did you know that over 70% of businesses go through a data loss issue within only 24 months of opening? Did you know that some hard drives won’t last forever? Did you know that even if you back up your information, it’s not a guarantee those backup devices will be readily available or working when you need them. Now, there are cloud-based options and other mobile backup systems. Yet, there are always problems that can arise, we’ve listed a few of them below!

  1. Damaging the Technology 

If you’ve ever accidentally dropped your phone, smashed your computer, or lost items in a natural disaster, then you’re probably wondering how you’re ever going to get those files, pictures, and documents back. At Priority 1 Computers, we help with damaged data, corrupted data, broken technology, and more.

  1. Data Theft 

Did you know that data theft is one of the most common problems for small businesses? Did you know that in order for data to be recovered, there is sometimes a cost that can accumulate to thousands of dollars? Generally, these breaches are caused by external factors, and it’s a challenge to get that information back. Fortunately, if you have a team like Priority 1 Computers on your side, you can avoid needing to pay over $30,000 to get those precious documents, graphs, emails, and data back. Our team will help you get to the bottom of this frustrating breach, ultimately aiding you in recovering the files you need most.

  1. Corrupted Disks 

Not everyone knows what happens when their computer shuts off and doesn’t restart again. It can be incredibly frustrating, and there’s a good chance you banged on the keyboard a few times out of sheer irritation. While pressing a thousand keys won’t bring your files back, Priority 1 Computers can. We also help recover corrupted data, which refers to drive malfunctions, viruses, and more. Data loss happens to almost everyone at least once. We can help!

  1. Operating System Failures 

Operating system failures aren’t common, but they do happen. It’s challenging to recover this type of data, though we will always do our best. In the event of total data recovery, we’d consider that a good day! Alternatively, there’s a possibility for partial recovery.

Contact Priority 1 Computers Today!

At Priority 1 Computers, we help you recover your missing files, while also helping you to ensure that you never lose them again. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in data protection, backup protection, and recovering strategies that will let you take a deep breath of relief!

We help you safeguard your data, recover lost, damaged, or deleted files, and we’ll give you a few lessons on how to operate your computer system with confidence. Sometimes, it’s all about learning how to navigate technology that continues to change at a rapid pace. At Priority 1 Computer, we’re the team to help. If you’ve lost your data or you’re suffering from any of the problems we’ve listed up above, we encourage you to contact a technician today at 954-534-4185. Don’t worry about what seems to be unfixable. At Priority 1 Computers, our expertise is exactly what you need. We’re looking forward to serving you!

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